Fire-Engine Red


“The stories of women who have given gifts to all of us 
without regard to gender, race or skin color need to matter.
 They are meant to be shared, cherished, and honored.”
-R. Delane

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Born White…

“My mission in life is to connect people with people and people to ideas that cause us to pause, reflect and learn.”
– René Delane

As I write the first blog of 2016 the topic was never in doubt.

It’s about lessons learned as a child living in a values-rich but economically poor family where books, learning and curiosity were the staples of our daily life.

Going to the local library or the rare big-city trip to the Pittsburgh Carnegie Museum followed by a meal in an ethnic restaurant eating matzo ball soup or fried rice became my idea of a splendid day. Read more

Listening Is An Act Of Love

“Only through communication can human life hold meaning.” – Paul Freire The modern world we live in fast-paced, filled with “to do” lists and is often defined by the mere eight-second attention span. The gift of listening with intention therefore has the power of making us stand out in a sea of conversations. Close your […]

The “F” Word…

“Failure is a stepping stone to success, a challenge to overcome not to be undone”
-Rene Delane

The “f” word… failure, is one of the most misused and misunderstood words in our language. We use the word against ourselves as a label rather than what it is… an obstacle or challenge in our path.

When it isn’t challenged, the label gains traction in our inner voice fueled by shame which then quickly cascades into loss of courage and fear of risk.

I know this because I used the “f” word against myself as a child when I did poorly on my first algebra exam and quickly confirmed it in my mind with the culturally-accepted mantra, “girls don’t do well in math.”

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“Turn off your email; turn off your phone; disconnect from the Internet… Technology is a good servant to a bad master.”

-Gretchen Rubin

There are 3 things that are the same in all people. We want to love, be loved and know that our lives matter – that we have lived at all.

We are at a new crossroads of living with tech-generated faces, voices and images that are game changers in our work and play places. But at what price does this addiction cost?

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