3 Steps To Courage

“Vulnerability is our most accurate measure of courage.” 

-Brené Brown

Courage is all around us. It is found in everyday people who step our of their comfort zone and share that they are LGBT or stand up to a bully or refuse to conform to those who want you to be like them, vote like them, dress like them.

So, why is it hard to step our of our comfort zone? Because we are afraid to take off our mask and display the courage it takes to be different, act different and believe differently. It takes inner courage to be vulnerable… to be yourself by trusting in your heart and your smarts… to simply trust your gut.

But what of the courage of these everyday women, men and children who never makes the news and do not seek celebrity? What of their courage in the face of pain and fear?

The uncommon courage in daily life coming from children or adults of any age, color or culture are the very sources of inspiration that can help each of us face our fear and find our voice. These are our role models of change.

“Courage is doing the right thing even when it is the hardest.”

Courage is about forgiving, letting go of the past so we can move forward. It does not mean we forget but rather we let go of the anger and the pain. Why waste another precious minute of our life over something that can’t be undone but can overcome.

Courage is about immigrants, courage is Boston strong, courage is breaking down color barriers and standing up to bullies. It is about love and devotion to a cause that is bigger than we are to make a difference.

Start with these 3 steps to grow your courage:

  1. Apologize when we have harmed another person with words or deeds. So often we are quick to blame or shame another. When we discover we are wrong, we need to suck up our courage and say so in public or private.
  2. Challenge our mental excuses as soon as they surface. Excuses such as: “I don’t want to apologize because I may appear weak (vulnerable)” or “he or she isn’t a good person anyway.”
  3. Smile at a stranger of another color or culture in passing on the street or in the hallway. Remember a smile is the same in any language. It is the first step in building relationship bridges to one another. They may not respond but so what. It is up to each of us to take that first step and repeat, repeat and repeat until it is a natural part of who we want to be.

Courage is contagious!


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