“Turn off your email; turn off your phone; disconnect from the Internet… Technology is a good servant to a bad master.”

-Gretchen Rubin

There are 3 things that are the same in all people. We want to love, be loved and know that our lives matter – that we have lived at all.

We are at a new crossroads of living with tech-generated faces, voices and images that are game changers in our work and play places. But at what price does this addiction cost?


Replace the reflected image of your blank gaze on your screen.

Replace it with the “people” faces, nature’s places and amazing graces.

Unplug and look deep into the eyes of your children, your loved ones and the everyday “faces” of people that populate your world.

I get it. It’s so easy to listen to the voices of the world, isn’t it? Because it is strong, insistent and incessant pull of words, messages and images constantly assaulting our mind. It’s filled with “this is important”, “you should” and “you must do this”.

As actor/humanitarian and Harvard grad Ashley Judd shares –

“We need to stop ‘shouldering’ all over ourselves”

Let’s plug into our heart and our smarts.


It’s very simple and very profound for all of us on our home – earth.

At the end of our lives it never about using people and loving things, it’s about loving people and using things.

Got that? It’s about loving people. 

So, let’s begin to stop reacting by default to the voices of the outer world and listen to the inner voice of intuition and gut feelings. All the answers that matter are with us. Really!

Quit bullying our brain.

We can retrain it to stop and challenge the auto-default everyone’s going this way and choose to make our default, the path of my own choosing.

So, in the end we all want the same things – to love, be loved and know that our life matters. Is that so much?

Yes. It is everything my friends.

As always, be good to yourself,


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